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Davina is with child, so i presume she did not wish to run all that distance.

It is very bizzare that 'they must not cross the threshold', and did you see the beafy security guard standing beside the door. - a taj over the top.

I must say that the presentation for big bro is excellent this year. Every output (e4, chan 4, web, posters the lot has a real unique but all look the same - ish quality.

Well done big brother
Prefer the announcment last year
i.e. 'Darren would you please leave the big brother house' with a siren. & also the fact that everyone jumped up & down at the door I think the reason they wont let people outside this time is the fact the door is Automatic & no one is at the gate anymore
Chris Moyles apparently said something along the lines of 'If anyone shouts out Molyes is Watching You with proof they done it then they win prizes' apparently they talk about him quite alot