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The house is in Bow, East London, not a million miles away from Old Ford (Lock), where the Big Breakfast house is.
Davidjb1,510 posts since 23 Mar 2001
the big brother house is within the channel four headquarters grounds. it is not accesible to the public although you can get quite close to it. there is quite a big security operation around the house to keep people away.
Square Eyes7,252 posts since 31 Mar 2001
A question about the studio that they use for the Big Brother Eviction interviews, with the big screen that opens to allow Davina to run (or walk in her current state) to the house, what is that studio usually used for, and what building is it ?

Also, the eviction last night didn't seem to have as much impact last night as the last series, why are the housemates not allowed to step outside of the house like last year, and why didn't Davina meet her at the house, she didn't even cross the bridge, and why oh why did they play Abba as Penny was evicted.
to square eyes - the complex is called the Three Mills Studios. I don't know what it's used for when Big Bro isn't there though.
rob7,035 posts since 7 Apr 2001
There web site (http://www.threemills.com) says that they rent them out for all sorts of things
TOTP is currentley using one and TFI friday used to use one.