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Bless, they do seem surprisingly irked by Channel 5's revival. Probably something do do with the fact that the best they've come up with to the fill the void in their schedules are 90's style docudrama's about gypsies and dwaves that wouldn't look at all out of place on Channel 5.

So much for "creative renewal".
Travis6 posts since 19 Mar 2010
Do we know if anyone will be uploading the launch to youtube? Would be interested in seeing it from Australia,considering our series no longer exists,and hasn't for a few years Sad
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Central (West) Midlands Today

Emma Willis looks far into her pregnancy to me - how is she going to present this Bit On The Side 5 days a week al the way up to Christmas?? It can't be done, surely?? Who is lined up to replace her immently?

But yeah, I would have liked Emma to present the main show! Brian looked fixed to the spot, superglued and a bit wooden TBH - and he was a good reader of the autocue... Rolling Eyes

Davina was more outrageous and lively...

Anyway, not bad for a 1st show.
Inspector Sands13,966 posts since 25 Aug 2004
Neither was Davina when she started

She was so unknown that she presented the Brit Awards a few months before Big Brother started! Wink She was on a lot of fairly big shows before Big Brother started - Saturday night ITV, Streetmate, Gods Gift, Eurotrash etc

Brian isn't really that well known outside of BB circles.

Which is a good thing if you're presenting Big Brother! And there's all those kids who used to watch him on Saturday Mornings
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