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The final episode aired last night. BB Canada has always been a superb production and last nights episode really excelled from the intro to the end. Possibly the finest hour they've produced.

They donated the $100k jackpot to COVID-19 response charities.
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It was a bit sad to watch. Especially for those of, like me, who is a livefeeder and monitor twitter for updates. From BBUS1-BBUS21 and every BBCAN season 1-8, its been, by far the oddest season to behold. CoronaVirus aside, from walk-outs and 2 expulsions. No one could had expected this to happened. But production had no choice. This is a very well produced final episode, even down to the final shot of the lights going out in the house and finally the Big Brother eye going dark over the dining table.

For those of us that are fans of this superb version of Big Brother, its really sad to see a season that had great potential end the way it did. Especially after the fiasco that was BBUS 21. I feel sad for the production team. They dont always get the edits right and they sometimes can manipulate the storylines a bit much. But this is by far, the better Big Brother production in North America. It will be interesting to see how the Australian Big Brother turns out using the North American format.
Putting on this production on air is no small feat especially for a broadcaster like Global. Global is not the biggest in the world and is not the biggest in Canada. So I hope that his doesnt tip the show into the cancelled column. Big productions such as this dont usually last very long in Canada. These shows quickly get cancelled, because of the expense. The show has increased its audience year after year. Which bodes well. So hopefully we will get BBCAN9 next spring.
It will be interesting to see what CBS does with its typical summer broadcast of BB22. Will that go ahead, but only later in the year?
In a year in which we thought we were going to get three versions of North American Big Brother (BBCAN8, BBAU1, BBUS22) Its been a let down so far.
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HTV Wales Wales Today
Can't see BBUS going ahead in the summer but a chance it could be some useful schedule filler in the autumn with no Survivor in the can and other shows likely to be impacted, although of course the turnaround for network drama in the US is fairly short anyway so they can probably get up and running quicker than UK drama will.
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