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Big Brother Canada 8 - 2020

BBCAN 9 is coming back Arisa is an Exec Producer (February 2020)

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The final episode aired last night. BB Canada has always been a superb production and last nights episode really excelled from the intro to the end. Possibly the finest hour they've produced.

They donated the $100k jackpot to COVID-19 response charities.
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They donated the $100k jackpot to COVID-19 response charities.

That's a nice touch.
It was a bit sad to watch. Especially for those of, like me, who is a livefeeder and monitor twitter for updates. From BBUS1-BBUS21 and every BBCAN season 1-8, its been, by far the oddest season to behold. CoronaVirus aside, from walk-outs and 2 expulsions. No one could had expected this to happened. But production had no choice. This is a very well produced final episode, even down to the final shot of the lights going out in the house and finally the Big Brother eye going dark over the dining table.

For those of us that are fans of this superb version of Big Brother, its really sad to see a season that had great potential end the way it did. Especially after the fiasco that was BBUS 21. I feel sad for the production team. They dont always get the edits right and they sometimes can manipulate the storylines a bit much. But this is by far, the better Big Brother production in North America. It will be interesting to see how the Australian Big Brother turns out using the North American format.
Putting on this production on air is no small feat especially for a broadcaster like Global. Global is not the biggest in the world and is not the biggest in Canada. So I hope that his doesnt tip the show into the cancelled column. Big productions such as this dont usually last very long in Canada. These shows quickly get cancelled, because of the expense. The show has increased its audience year after year. Which bodes well. So hopefully we will get BBCAN9 next spring.
It will be interesting to see what CBS does with its typical summer broadcast of BB22. Will that go ahead, but only later in the year?
In a year in which we thought we were going to get three versions of North American Big Brother (BBCAN8, BBAU1, BBUS22) Its been a let down so far.
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Big Brother Canada's 3 weekly episodes easily cracked the top 30 2+ rankings, with the Wednesday episode on the week of March 2 hitting 1.385 million viewers. I'm sure BBCAN will be back next season on Global.,%202020%20-%20March%2008,%202020%20(National).pdf
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Can't see BBUS going ahead in the summer but a chance it could be some useful schedule filler in the autumn with no Survivor in the can and other shows likely to be impacted, although of course the turnaround for network drama in the US is fairly short anyway so they can probably get up and running quicker than UK drama will.

102 days later

Well Global just announced and confirmed that BBCAN 9 is back!!!!! and even the better news. The best host of any Big Brother at in time in any country ARISA COX, is being named an executive producer. Arisa totally deserves this promotion. Global has been lax in elevating minority voices. Especially when you are in the situation such as producing the stories of cast members of minority communities. There needs to be people of colour at the table so these stories arent skewed or misrepresented in the editing process. Im so proud of Arisa and her new role. She has been visible fixture on Canadian television for a few years and is extremely well liked. And in North American BB Community she is elevated to Queen status. She engages the fans on social media for both the US and Canadian series and she watches the live feeds with the rest of us. And I've never heard any one say a negative thing about this woman.

Corus the owner of GLOBAL and other major Canadian tv properties such at Entertainment Tonight still has a ways to go. They recently lost several employees in high profile defections. One who quit ET was IKA WONG. Ika was a houseguest on BBCAN and is a fan favourite. SHe was on the show twice. But she was treated badly by ET. She was used during Big Brother Seasons Canadian and US on ET. Fans across North America looked forward to her cast interviews forgoing the highly edited and scripted official interviews. She was brilliant. She quit in spectacular fashion, putting Corus, Global and ET on blast. It was sad to see her relate her treatment by ET. But hopefully they reverse their course.

‘Big Brother Canada’ Season 9 announced, Arisa Cox named executive producer
Big Brother Canada will be back for a ninth season in Spring 2021.

After abruptly ending Season 8 midway due to the coronavirus outbreak, Global, a Corus Entertainment network, and Insight Productions announced Monday that the series would be returning at an unspecified date next year.

Longtime series host Arisa Cox will also be moving into an executive producer role. (Big Brother Canada will still be helmed by showrunner and executive producer Erin Brock.)

“We have reached a turning point in history and as the fight against racism and issues facing Black, Indigenous and people of colour around the world have been pulled into the spotlight, Big Brother Canada is seizing this moment to become a leader in the reality TV world,” said Cox. “Our top priority is bold, lasting change by embracing the rich diversity of Canada in front of and behind the camera. Both are vital. And as one of the biggest and best reality TV shows in the country, we have both the ability and the responsibility to do just that. I’m thrilled to join Erin and the producing team, and work together to ensure Big Brother Canada meets this moment.”
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As an executive producer, Cox will now play a critical role in all storytelling aspects of Big Brother Canada. In partnership with Brock and the other executive producers, Cox’s responsibilities now include key creative input on the show’s real-time storylines, casting and outreach, and increasing BIPOC representation across the board, among others.

Global and Insight Productions are working together to implement anti-racism policies and procedures that foster a more creative environment.

“Arisa Cox has been an integral part of Big Brother Canada, always armed with an arsenal of bold and bright ideas, thoughtful insights, and a deep passion for the show,” said Brock. “We’re passionately committed to leading thought-provoking conversations, telling uniquely Canadian stories, and reflecting the diverse culture of Canada. Arisa has always demonstrated a fierce commitment to these ideals and I’m excited to elevate our partnership and to continue to make trailblazing content.”

“Big Brother Canada is an original production like no other and we are so proud of its unprecedented success across platforms. It is the ultimate social experiment and, oftentimes, a microcosm of our own society,” said Lisa Godfrey, Vice President, Original Content, Corus Entertainment. “As producers of original content in Canada, we are dedicated to paving new paths for creators to thrive in all aspects of storytelling, and are honoured to recognize Arisa Cox’s longstanding success as a Canadian storyteller in her new role as executive producer.

Pre-production for Season 9 includes a thorough review of current production practices and the development of new ones, anti-racism personnel policies, racial equity training, and more. Additional announcements regarding Season 9, including casting opportunities, will be made at a later date.
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