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Interesting little bit of widescreen BB we got for Davina's trail after Scrubs - even the aston was designed for widescreen - I wonder why that was? How clever of Orange to buy the whole ad break! Also an intruder seemed to have got into the BB house during Cameron's interview!! And why does every BB final always have to have sound problems?

Just a few thoughts!
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Well, that's it for another year...roll on Big Brother 5.

I hope they get the balance of housemates right next year - the BB3 lot were too argumentative, and the BB4 lot were too nice.

Congrats to Cameron, though I would have preferred Ray to win, as that would have added a final twist to the most twisted series of BB yet.
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That orange ad was fantastic. I was the only one to love the ads and seeing them in a compiled form is fantastic! I'm going to post a request to see if anyone happened to capture it Smile
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So Cameron's won then. I was so chuffed when Ray made the final two, and from the crowds reaction, I thought he had a real chance.

So happy that Steph got cheered when she went out - no-one deserves to be booed, especially at the final.

The format of the show worked quite well - although I think making Scott wait half an hour was only to ensure the votes were for the final two. I think a two-hour show from 9pm would have been better.

Cameron wasn't as shocked to win as I thought he might be. I don't think he'd have a chance versus Craig, Brian or Kate. Just hope he doesn't spend all his money on the church.

Davina was brilliant tonight - and so were the crowd. Probably for the first time this series they were a real asset, although I don't think the crowd was anywhere as big as for previous finals. It would have also been nice to have an apperance from Dermot and Marcus.

Well, BB4 is over. Whatever people might think of this series, I can't wait for BB5.

My conclusion for the series: As individuals the 13 housemates were probably the best chosen for any series of Big Brother, but as a group it didn't work as well as it should have.

PS: How long do you think it'll be until Cameron hosts Songs of Praise? I'm betting September.
Brekkie32,665 posts since 4 Jan 2003
The voting breakdown:

1st: Cameron: 1,928,570
2nd: Ray: 1,428,231
3rd: Scott: 786,978
4th: Steph: 196,026

That's around 4.3m votes in total - down on last year but compares well with this years voting figures.

PS: When Jon left via the diary room and he appeared on the screen in the house. I got the impression the housemates couldn't here him. It would have been better to evict him then have him do a message from the studio.
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DJGM posted:
Cheese Head posted:

Its all over Sad

Not quite, we've got BIG Brother USA next . . . starting this weekend . . . !

Ugh, I'm giving that a miss. They look like a bunch of awful, awful, people. Seen the trailers that E4 are keen to ram down our throats so many times now, and there is something seriously disturbing about those contestants, especially the girls. And their "Davina" is enough to give me nightmares just from a two second snippet.

Brekkie32,665 posts since 4 Jan 2003
A comparison of voting totals for the final:

2000 - 7.5 million
2001 - 7.3 million
2002 - 8.6 million
2003 - 4.3 million

My personal opinion is the fall in voting figures this year is due to the huge number of TV shows asking people to vote for everything - and people probably realise it's like pooring money down the drain. I expect the falling trend will be reflected in Fame Academy and Pop Idol.
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Yey! Thanks to Ladbrokes odds I've won the grand total of... wait for it... 1.11. Razz
Well, that on top of the tenner I get back! Orkney virgins rule! Wink
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Still to come on Channel Four. The "unseen" highlights on Sunday night at 9.00pm and then at 11.15pm on Sunday night a whole hour of Little Brother with Dermot and interviews with all of the housemates
Brekkie32,665 posts since 4 Jan 2003
I think there might also be an edition next weekend focusing on the winner. I think they did this last year, and the Big Brother Diary is screening all week on E4.
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