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the MOST annoying adverts ever!
Isonstine2,501 posts since 28 Mar 2001
I like them, they are better than the Southern Comfort ones used last year.

Although now they are obviously trying to promote BT Cellnet full on by having the flies using mobiles!
Whereas before it just used to be the flies having a bit of a lark Smile
BBC Choice
Oh, god! They're the most annoying thing I've seen since .. I don't know when!

But then again, all break-bumper sponsership ads are annoying - I don't think I know of one that isn't:

NTL - Millionnaire, ANNOYING!
Cadbury's - Corrie, ANNOYING!
Claims Direct - Programmes on Living*, ANNOYING

And the way they try to relate their product/service with the programme in question is also just SOOO ANNOYING!

<As you can probably guess, they pee me off quite a bit!>

Mark Grindon
Mr Voiceover
I hate any adverts which involves money:

Claims Direct, Baines and Ernst, Yes Car Credit, Lombard Direct etc.

My most frustrating (not annoying) advert is that Direct Line one, with the rubbish men dump piles and piles of cash into the back of a rubbish truck.

*I'm rather drunk now...*
Square Eyes7,253 posts since 31 Mar 2001
The adverts for Safestyle UK really wind me up, I'm not sure if they are shown all over the country, but it involves Reg Holdsworth (aka Ken Morley) from Coronation Street and they are seriously cheap & tacky.
Mich632 posts since 24 Mar 2001
I can't argue with anything said above, but the BT Cellnet Flies are better than Southern Comfort last year, anyway the most annoying thing is Lombard Direct have used that exact same advert for years, atleast 6, its driving me mad.
Gavin Scott8,284 posts since 23 Mar 2001
I agree with Ry, the flies are actually quite funny.

Its true though that when you see and hear a 'strap-line' often enough it can be annoying.

No offence though guys, your autosignature sign-off's are becoming slightly irritating too! Maybe change them every now and again?

BillyH1,238 posts since 4 Jan 2003
Mich posted:
Lombard Direct have used that exact same advert for years, at least 6.

Well,about 3.
But they change the 'APR' now and again!

Gavin Scott posted:
Maybe change them (Your signatures) now and again?


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