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I agree with everyone about the compresions problems and the storing and the possibe headaces and people thinking it would be better using the old logo but aurly everbody get the circels idea. It sugesting the hypnoctic effect, caused by Big Brither maybee.
If you gety what i'm talking about
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I have to say I'm really enjoying seeing all the audition tapes on E4 ... nice idea and makes me realise what a load of twats they have to sift through to get down to the last few.
I really enjoyed " how to not get on big brother" i didnt know the producers put people though all that 8O

I wacht big brother hopefuls for about 30 mins then it got boring.

But i did phone in and enter the combo to win tickets!!! Very Happy

I think the new logo is great, it has a very "summer" fill.

I have some bad luck wachting big brother, it starts on the 24 of may and i go on holiday the 25 of may for a week 8O, but "SKY +" should help me out there Wink
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Big Brother Hopefulls is a really good idea, and that documentary showed us why non of these peole got through! Smile
They are now playing the BBBB (Big Brother Break Bumper) on e4 with the music as well, not sure about Channel 4.
Not long to go now Razz
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james2001 posted:
I was watching the BB tapes, but after 45 minutes thay started looping them again! Why? they had 10,000 tapes sent in!

Was that this morning or last night?
I personally haven't seen the same video twice..yet.
The reason why they are repeating the tapes is because, there going to be doing big brother hopefuls until BB starts.

Do you know that person who put a mask on and scared his dad? he said " being on this programme is a bonus"

I was like your on here because you didnt get picked Laughing
The audition tapes will change everyday. I prefer the black and white lines look, the colour won't look as good especially when recorded. I'm lookin foward to BB this year though, it won't take me more than 2 or 3 episodes to get hooked on it. I see E4 are keeping "Big Brother's Little Brother" going, I'm glad they've kept that. Cool
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james2001 posted:
I was hooked on BB last year. I only started watching series 1 because of all this about Nasty Nick, then I was hooked.

Me too, I recorded Some of BB1 And all BB2 on Channel4 Very Happy

Don't have E4 Crying or Very sad