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I am going to share my idears to make the BB3 eviction nights better....

1.) When the count down starts the housemate's familey should be waiting at the gate

2.) when the housemate comes out of the door the BB theme should start playing, on the side of the house were the big picture is projected they should have a pic of the housemate with a BIG red cross flashing though the pic.

3.) when the house mate gets to the first gate ( before the end of the stirs) they stop and there should be about 4 red flashing lights over the house mate and then we here the count down voice saying " you have been evitced" then the house mates carryes on down the stirs.

4.) the house mate meets davina and then they walk alone a metal walk way (like the one in serise 1 & 2) the walk way has blue light both sides of it. then there in the studio.

any body like my idear Very Happy or hate it Sad
malcyb from WEBFAX
What personal satisfaction will you get out of that Craig?
malcyb from WEBFAX posted:
What personal satisfaction will you get out of that Craig?

What out of peoples comments?

Well if you give me good feedback i will be happy that people have took time to read my idear and like it.

If i get bad feedback i will try to make my next idear better.

Now i ask you what is the ponit of you saying "What personal satisfaction will you get out of that Craig?"
malcyb from WEBFAX
No no Craig. You mis-read me. I don't mean what satisfaction out of peoples feedback. I meant what satisfaction would you get out of the changes you suggest for the evictions. In my opinion it is all very shallow programming anyway. Who cares how they are evicted as long as they leave without a fireworks display and a fanfare!!
Brekkie27,653 posts since 4 Jan 2003
The first eviction of last year was good, with the full 60 second countdown, followed by a short piece of dance music. However, rather than a personal tune, I would then play the BB theme.

At the old house, meeting the family at the gate was better, but space does not allow at the new house, so in the studio is probabley best, although the route could be diverted to extended the eviction walkway and allow them to meet the family.

Also, use the BBLB studio for the main show - it is far superior to the main studio.
Square Eyes7,226 posts since 31 Mar 2001
I have to say, I think this is the worst series of Big Brother yet. I remember last year that watching the show on E4 became almost compulsive, but this year it's awful, I can't bare to watch for more than 10 minutes because the housemates just don't do anything.

Why don't they give them something to do for gods sake ? The old format of giving them a task that had to be worked on throughout the week made it much more interesting. ie. Like the world record attempts last time around.

Why C4 appear to have dumped this idea for a live task every Saturday night is beyond me. That quiz last week was a farce, if I was in that house I would be climbing the walls for something to do.

Big Brother has lost some of it's sparkle I think.