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Yes, last night's live show was a very half-hearted production. The best way to do evictions was in year 1, where assembled families gathered at the gates and there was a real sense of atmosphere as the evictee left the house.

Last night was just awful - no music, a rentamob crowd (I may have wanted Lynne to go, but you don't boo, that's bad form) and a studio atmosphere which was just non-existent.

Now admittedly last night anyone could have been evicted so perhaps it was less likely that friends and families were all going to travel down to London, but let's hope that next week, when we know it'll be one of two, that when the person gets to the studio, they at least allow that person's supporters to rush and great them rather than being plonked behind crowd-control fences. That studio set is useless for a Friday show.

Friday night evictions should be a spectacle to watch, not a damp squib - it's not as if Channel 4 aren't raking in the cash through voting lines, advertising, sponsorship and subscriptions to E4 and the net.
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The "Crowd Control" fences didn't work then. Someone already jumped last night behind them as they were walking to the studio, only to be wrestled to the ground by about 5 security guards!

I get the feeling stairs in the house were only put there to make the exit/entrance look slightly more entertaining, as you go up stairs and then immediately back down stairs.

THe crowd can only be one one side, as judging by the layout, if they were on the other side, it would mean they are right beside the house.

What would have been good would have been a platform out of perspex, which starts about half way down the main stairs out of the house, so they could walk over the crowd who are underneath and at either side, have the fancy jib shots around that, then down some more steps into the studio.

Well, it's not walking over a bridge, but at least it's a bit more interesting.
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harshy posted:
Yes it looked like someone was about to attack Lynn, must be worrying for Big Brother that!

I still think BB3 is ****, compared to last year!
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According to Ananova, there is an unofficial website claiming that Sunita's replacement will be a 26 year old called Rachel, from Wiltshire, whose hobbies include growling and climbing trees...
From Longleat in Wiltshire.
Growling and climbing trees...

Anyone else smell a catty hoax?
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Does anyone else think the Big Brother Little Brother studio is far superior to the eviction studio - I prefer the eye sofas (as in series 1 and the BBLB studio) for the eviction chat than the head to head chairs.

What did you think of Dermots interview with Sunita - she may not have been the best person for her to audition for Davina's job with, but he just did not have the reassuring nature Davina has.

Dermot obviously loves BB, but with Davina it's obvious she loves the contestants, and takes care of them when they leave.

It's not the same without the bridge, but I do like the house and them leaving down the stairs. However, the security fences around the house seem to cover a smaller distance than the old house.

Also, showing the task live on C4 was pointless - the old task format was superior. If they want an extra live show use it for the nominations.

Just found the Teletext pages for Big Brohter - C4 p210, including news (211) and chat (212-5), plus "Big Brother holidays" (216).
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Just to update this thread, a new housemate arrived at the house to replace Sunita at 13.30 today Sunday, 2nd of June. Sophie, brunette, 24 from Buckinghamshire is a recruitment consultant and seems on the outset nice and bubbly.
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harshy posted:
harshy posted:
Yes it looked like someone was about to attack Lynn, must be worrying for Big Brother that!

I still think BB3 is ****, compared to last year!

I thought the same last year! I thought at the beginning, that I wasn't going to enjoy it, but after a few weeks I got stuck into it, and really enjoyed it better than the first series! So although at the moment I'm not really enjoying the third series, I think I will become 'hooked' to it as the weeks go on, just like last year!
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I think that things will improve when there is a smaller group too - I found that last year.

There's definately a very bad atmosphere in the house at the moment, and some very unhappy people. The Jonny/Alex thing is going to rumble on forever unless there is a whopping argument tonight.

Can't wait for the first batch of nominations! As I said in the other thread, I think they'll nominate Alex, and I'm praying they'll nominate Jade.
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