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So, one week on, are we all agreed that it should be Jade who exits tomorrow? Personally, my vote's for Lynne.
mromega1,116 posts since 4 Jan 2003
I actually doubt it will be Jade leaving tomorrow. She is very popular in the house and it's up to the housemates to evict one of the two. Hopefully Lynne is the other one and she goes.
Mich632 posts since 24 Mar 2001
james2001 posted:
I think Spencer should leave. He's a boring arse.

Well he his actually the most popular housemate on the C4 site (or was when I last checked).

I would prefer Jade to go as she is just loud whereas Lynne will get into some interesting arguments!
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Live coverage tonight - sound been out again for more or less the whole time. C4 don't have much luck with their live coverage! Caption is displayed along with voice announcements apologising for loss of sound... legal ****... blah blah. What is the bloody point? Put up 4-Tel if coverage is sh*t Laughing
malcyb from WEBFAX
Why do they lose sound for "legal reasons"???
What legal resons?
peterrocket1,293 posts since 5 Sep 2001
It is delayed/censored incase anything they discuss breaches things like ITC regulations. It IS a television programme remember, so if they start going on and for example, start discussing a presenters sexuality and accusing people of being gay etc. it would obviously need to be blocked, to save Channel 4 and Endemol being sued .

As to ITC, the fairly obvious one is swearing but they also have to watch that there is no blatent promotion of a brand, hence why clothing was checked to ensure no brand labels were visible.
Square Eyes7,251 posts since 31 Mar 2001
For me, the whole eviction process felt very empty tonight somehow. Having to climb the stairs to leave, with the other housemates at the bottom, and then walk down that long staircase into the arms of Davina, no family / friends waiting. Then that long ridiculous walk past the screaming (or booing crowds) tonight.

For me it just didn't have the atmosphere of the bridge across the river and the walk to the studio surrounded by the crowd at both sides. Elstree just doesn't work.
Pete8,959 posts since 18 Jun 2001
I was watching it on C4 tonight (damn u ITVd) and it has got a lot better now there are mroe people out of the house.

Anyways, Channel 4 have made a MASSIVE mistake charging for Internet Viewing. I'm gonna ring them tomorrow about it. I'm gonna write a list now so I don't forget the other stuff I wish to complain/comment them on.

Right, this is what I am going to moan about.

1 - Why is the contact phone number not on FourText, I have to trawl through the murkey depths of 4Tel to find the thing.

2 - Big Brother Internet

3 - Why can't E4 be a half service on ITVd? I know about Pay TV rights for US shows but Big Brother could be shown but the rest cut out could not it?

Plus the new house exit thing isn't any good. It isn't the same now it doesn't have the bridge. Why didn't they stay at Bow?
Whataday7,806 posts since 13 Sep 2001
Channel 4's current statement is:

"Having announced our first loss in ten years we feel that we need to charge for the web feeds in order to maintain a high quality service"
Hymagumba posted:

Plus the new house exit thing isn't any good. It isn't the same now it doesn't have the bridge. Why didn't they stay at Bow?

I completely agree, it's just not the same at Elsetree, they didn't even have any eviction music when the person was walking down the stairs (my favourite bit of last years evictions!).

They didn't choose to move from Bow, the council wanted to do something with the land. Lets hope by next year they've realised all the shortcomings of this year's show and rectified them.