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jay1,815 posts since 23 Mar 2001
Big Brother Breakbumper!!! LOL! Try saying that when you've had a few!
Did anyone else notice this this morning (during RI:SE), or was it just me??
I don't know if they're doing it all day, I've just got back from school..
Sounds like it's on all day. It's in the 4Daytime colours, not the normal black and white.
I get what you mean - those circles look so fine I would imagine they could cause some serious strobing on some televisions (although to be honest I've not seen it on screen yet) - if they were more 'bold' for want of a better word, it might look better. I guess the idea of them is to make it look like a fingerprint?
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jay posted:
No, this is the new Big Brother 3 logo - all colour!
The launch date has been confirmed by Channel 4 as 24th May!

Yeah, I can't wait Smile Smile Smile
Lets keep this as a Big Brother 3 thread, so we don't have hundreds....
I hope they have the same theme music....

peterrocket1,387 posts since 5 Sep 2001
I can't stand the logo, the circles are far too small, but if they were bigger and chunkier they'd not be appropriate for the show.

The colours are fine, the circles are not, the C4 forum is hard to read.

It'll also look muddy on digital telly, when compression sets in, there will be so much mpegy-ness all over it because of the curves, unlike the straight lines, where it wouldn't have affected it that much.
jay1,815 posts since 23 Mar 2001
Well it'd be a nice idea to keep it all to one thread but no doubt some wanker (no offence!) will start loads when the whole thing kicks off...