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(June 2001)

Anyone bothering watching Big Brother this time? Because of the election, I only seen it a couple of times.

That Graham Norton wannabe has got the be the most annoying & good enough reason not to watch it!
Square Eyes Founding member
If by that you mean Brian, then I have to disagree, he is a very funny guy, and will probably win.
I agree, Brian is very very funny.
He will most likely win.
Davidjb Founding member Anglia (West) Look East (West sub-opt)
i personally think its better this time as the house looks wicked and all the live and interavctive stuff is excellent. i really like big brothers little brother as this is funny to watch. and i agree Brian is funny and will win.
Sub Zero
I don't have a sixth sense of seeing the future, so I can't say who'll win.
But I'm getting SKY digital, (well we've ordered it on Sat, so It should come either tomorrow or Friday)
My question is: What can you do on E4's INTERACTIVE for Big Brother. Can you pick your own camera or something, uh?

Personally I want Josh to win

P.S. Asa, thanks for sepll chekc!
Asa Admin Meridian (South East) South East Today
You may be a little disappointed with the BB interactive service Nick.

There's four small screens which you can choose - 2 live cameras, one two-hour delay and one four-hour delay plus a poll and ticker on the latest news from the house. Sadly you can't choose your own camera!

Cheers, Asa
Sub Zero
Thanks Asa!
Now the long wait until SKY man comes!
tum tee tum!

P.S. - Slightly off subject (well completly new, but no point starting new thread for it) I love the new Hovis adverts. But wasn't Hovis meant to be 'traditional?'

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