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Alex, Sandy and Alison are up for this weeks public vote!
Mr Videowall
Vote Alex out!!!
BBC World News
Agreed. Have you seen the official Big Brother photo of him? He's such a pose with his lips slightly parted like that! Also he looks like an alien in that pic.
well alex is such an annoying person (and even pissing himself off) i think we should leave him in as he is going to do everyone elses head in so much - hence it might make some interesting tv at last!
peterrocket1,369 posts since 5 Sep 2001
It all depends on what the Public want to see in the next few weeks.

If they want arguments, bitchy-ness and drama. get rid of Alison and keep the other pair in.

If you want it to be all happy and nice then get rid of Alex or Sandy, keeping bubble Alison in.
OH NO!!! Alison is GREAT...she makes me laugh her and Kate (if u saw the fame girls thing you will know what I mean)

ALEX has got to go!!! He is such a w***er and really gets on my nerves with that dull voice!
cat2,572 posts since 4 Jan 2003
I'm afraid this just goes to show what problems there are with letting the viewing population of Big Brother make their minds up for themselves.

DO NOT VOTE ALEX OUT. Regardless of the fact that he is annoying, a moaner and hygine obsessed, there is at least something to be said about him.

People should be voted out on account of them doing/saying little or nothing not because they actually have personalities.

If everyone were to be voted out on account of them being too loud or too annoying then you would be left with a house of very dull people.

Jonny, Alex, Jade and Alison are mostly very annoying, yes, but you'll find that you're left with boring people like PJ, Kate, Spencer and Lee just because the public noticed the personalities of the more interesting house members.

There is potential for a real fight to break out between the two groups, fueled primarily by Alex, if you vote him/Alison out then you are doing yourselves a disservice by making the programme a hell of a lot more dull than it already is.

My vote would go to Sandy. As Sandy is Alex's only friend you'll see Alex totally isolated and with no-one to talk to; surely a better punishment than voting him out?
cat2,572 posts since 4 Jan 2003
I think Alison's sheer brute force would likely break through the concrete.

It'd be interesting if they did actually put this cage in that they were talking about, thereby seperating the house.

They should be making situations for them, I think. They should make some sort of mystery smell, or something, and release it into the air-con - preferably the smell would be similar to almonds.