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The lease on the current doesn't run out till August - though I suppose they want the BB8 house to be the same as the CBB6 house.

If it actually is 'massive' it can only mean more housemates, we know how much they love the claustrophobia at Endemol. Rolling Eyes
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They will also have to be a seperate building for studios/gallery/green rooms etc. I really dont think this will be done in 3 months time, for May. Unless Big Brother is starting a little later in the year.
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Scheduled for May as far as we know. I know back when they moved to Elstree they didn't start building till January at the earliest - so it is possible.

Afterall, ultimately they just build a shell of a building and then a studio inside - though I suppose all the technical stuff would take time.

Agree it makes more sense to move now if they have to be out in August, though it did give them the perfect excuse to drop CBB for a year next January.

I think though it's much better to launch a new house with a regular series - and in truth they've outgrown their Elstree compound so if they did stay put, BB8 would have been very restricted by the space they had.
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Just investigated the area a bit further to see if there were any existing TV studios around - with The Riverside Studios, most famous for TFI Friday, being the result - with a bit of wasteland not too far away too!

So that's a possibility, along with Endemol building a new studio complex and of course, The Sun story being absolute bull!
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Why is it coming back?

I thourgh all that jade carry on might of killed this off!