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Yep, looks like it!

From InsideBigBrother
Following on from the previous teaser trailer, Channel 4 have aired a longer edition of the advert, this time with music!

The newer advert is much longer than the previous trailer, and the animated flowers are moving away from the viewer this time instead of towards the screen previously.

The traditional Big Brother music also now accompanies the familiar computer-generated flowers.
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I think it's more likely that the show will take a break. Give it 5-10 years and it'll make a return on E4 or something.

In regards to this year's Big Brother, Emma Willis is being promoted to co-presenter on BBLB. Shows she was succesful on the website at least, so they'll both be tweeting and blogging alongside presenting on E4.

In other BB news, someone involved in the orchestrated recording has posted a video from the session on YouTube. Looks like a longer version wasn't recorded:


Shame they never used this one for the actual show. Suited the fire much more than the techno theme.

Aaaand finally, nice play on Marcus being the "Voice of God" on Big Brother, with his role in the new advert: http://www.channel4.com/programmes/big-brother/pictures/big-brother-11-trailer-shoot/60180f51-a0a2-4109-a14e-21013add8e67
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