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Big Brother 2

(June 2001)

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Although the majority of people will dispute this, I have reached a conclusion that Big Brother is complete and utter rubbish.
There are two problems with this programme - the first problem being the viewers, and the second problem being the contestants.

The viewers are undeniably nosey (especially those who watch all day on E4, my sister included) and are, in fact, peeking toms who look through neighbours' windows to see what they are doing whether it be this or that.

The contestants are merely losers who are desperately trying to seek fame (through a rather ridiculous way). They are all chauvinists in their own right, and have as much charm as a piece of boiled cabbage.

Their names have a lot to be desired, one indeed, that has bemused Ascanius and let his keen foaming stead ride on through Carthage and the city, in this case, unprepared all unknowing. We (the viewers) have all been shot by a shepherd all unaware transfixed from afar with all his hunting weapons amidst the groves of Crete and Dicte!, by this very man himself - Big Brother!

I rest my case.
Square Eyes Founding member
The continuous daytime coverage of Big Brother is a big bore, the equivalent of watching paint dry on the TV. Nothing happens, it just shows how mundane their life really is, and E4 have to keep dubbing out the sound to make it 'appropriate viewing for daytime TV'.
Sub Zero
You cannot rest your case as you didn't have an opposition. If you wanted to rest your case, then you'll have to go head to head with someone. Hmmm, but who...? Me!
The majority of people who watch Big Brother are interested in the physcology involved. The people who watch it, may be 'nosey' but, come on, you can't say you have never looked at someone elses result in exams when handed out, looked in houses with curtains open and lights on, looked to see who's just drove up next door's drive. etc.
The people who do participate in the programme may be looking for fame, but don't mock them. At least they're trying to do things to get famous, opposed to sitting on thier arses all day at home thinking about fame. These people have everyday jobs, for example Penny - a teacher. She may want fame but she still does normal job, so don't mock them.
Craig, who won the first Big Brother went on the show merely for the money for the girl seen on the progarmme who needed money to go to America to go and have operation.
If find it very difficult to see how this person went on the programme for selfishism.
Oh, and the last paragraph, WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU ON ABOUT? My English teacher probably couldn't understand that.
I rest my case
Asa Admin
Yes, I think many of E4's viewers would agree with that comment but remember, we saw what C4 wanted us to see last time, not 18hrs coverage a day! Obviously they only selected the best bits! And I wish they'd hurry up with the interactive feature, ONdigital got theirs today.

Cheers, Asa
Whilst I have been watching some of the coverage I would disagree strongly with the fact that people are interested in the psychology behind BB.
The Human Zoo was far far more interesting than BB, as was The Tourist Trap, and both involved analysis of events and why people reacted as they did. BB does not do this.
There is very little analysis of any of the psychology involved in the programme.
The same goes for Survivor, which is IMO a cheap ratings shot.
The contestants do not do anything vaguely interesting, the whole thing is set up with challenges dictated to them.
The majority of people who watch Big Brother religiously are simply nosey, they are not interested in the state of minds of the people in the house, and the majority of them couldn't even spell psyc h ology...
teleonline Founding member
I haven't got the interactive feature yet how do you get it?
I've got to be honest I prefer last years but this years still is quite good. The house definately looks better this year but I can't understand yet why they haven't used the jaccusi (can't Spell) when the other lot got it they never stopped using it

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