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This makes me wish Liza and Denise's paths had crossed on screen 20 years ago. I think Liza stood in for Denise but doubt they'd have ever hosted together.

It's great that everybody gets sarcasm.
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The Big Breakfast credits in the style of The Sims. Nice editing of an in game soundtrack to make it sound like the theme tune too!

"623058 The whole thing has been a dump squirt."
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This clip's from Richard Orford's first week/fortnight in 1995. They moved Zig and Zag back into the bathroom temporarily, but I can't remember why.
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23 years ago to the day we woke up to a new look Big Breakfast:

It was a diaster but, as someone who likes change for change sake, it was exciting to watch. I always loved getting up to watch the first episode after the summer holidays to see if the living room had been redecorated. From 96 onwards it changed, almost, every September IIRC.
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