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The competition jingles from 1992 to 1996, almost complete though only in audio. Quite a few I'd forgotten about. Beat the Banger from about 8:30 doing what Sesame Street did a couple of weeks ago.

I remember the first day of Beat the Banger had the jingle "Beat the Banger, it's bucking up and down", and then when they went to Cheggers on the OB he said "I can't believe that jingle!". And the next day it had become "Beat the Banger, it's bumping up and down".
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The Big Breakfast had a surprise revival tonight on This Week, complete with original music and titles. It was marvellous.


I nearly choked on my Ovaltine when this kicked in straight after the BBC One ident...

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On the day Brexit is scheduled to actually happen (assuming no extension for Article 50 or any other obstacles), 29th March 2019, is exactly 17 years to the day of the last edition of The Big Breakfast, 29th March 2002 ... coincidence?

The BB could actually be brought back for a one-off late evening / primetime special from 10pm to midnight on the night, and broadcast from the (former) Big Breakfast House itself. Yes, I know it is very unlikely ... but it's not entirely impossible.
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It's also a Friday. I do wonder, actually, how the occasion is going to be marked - in TV terms that is; is it going to be all live feeds of Big Ben for example as the clock ticks to 11pm? Or will it just, you know, happen?

I reckon there will be a camera pointing to Big Ben and then it will pan out with lots of Brexiteers cheering.

But the bigger question is will it actually happen? But that's for another forum.