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Big Blue Live

Thursday 27th August @ 20.00pm on BBC ONE (August 2015)

Brekkie Wales Wales Today
Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall seems an odd choice to present this show or does the BBC's obsession with cookery now extend to it's natural history unit.
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Cando London London
He is also journalist and is reporting on Conservation. Which he was involved in before becoming a chef.
Cando London London
Ha! So it isn't. Only three shows. I heard them talk about "here all week with so much more to show you" and stupidly expected more. They only covered humpback whales and some sea otters LIVE last night.

Sorry to sound slightly c**tish in that response.
Plant Earth live showed them that live nightly shows don't work on this scale
scottishtv Founding member STV Central Reporting Scotland
No worries!
Special mention for Big Blue UK (9.15am weekdays this week on BBC One) which I caught on iPlayer. it's recorded and presented by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall. A good, informative watch and a good presenter - a shame it's getting so little promotion in comparison to the live event shows.
A former member
Is that another NEW string just aired? Couldn't really tell sitting in the Wetherspoons.

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