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bid-up Virtual Studio (ITV News style virtual cams)

(September 2004)

Bail Moderator Meridian (South) South Today
Just flicking through the wonderful selection of channels o freeview and ended up on bid-up. Just now they had a speed auction in what was obviously a virtual studio, but I've not seen it before, as well as having moving (not static) cameras, seems they are using the same technology as ITV News, (which I recently found out was first mainly used for the film Ai)

Is this new; is the technology fairly widely available now?
Charlie Wells Moderator Anglia (West) Look East (West sub-opt)
Out of all the channels why did you end up on Laughing

Seriously though I'm not sure it is a virtual set - however some of the speed auctions are pre-recorded. You can usually tell which ones are pre-recorded as the auctioneer (often Mike Mason) doesn't mention the actual minimum bid price, and a blue rectangular 60 second clock appears in the bottom right corner. I suspect these are recorded whilst ScreenShop is shown, and they have fewer members of staff in.
AJ London London
No - it is a Virtual Studio. I've spotted it whilst my mother was bidding the other day.

Looks a bit odd, and nothing like the usual studio. I wonder why they're doing that now?
Bail Moderator Meridian (South) South Today
Yeah its cleaver, but really bad, it looks so fake and almost mock 3D, It's speed auction branded as well so I guess its just for speed auctions at the moment but its an intresting idea.
JasonB London London
It looks like a 3D Version of the current studio. Are the bidding details live on the pre-recorded auctions?.

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