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The best and worst digital TV channels in the UK of all time

(June 2016)

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I think Sky 2 purely exists to make Sky 1's name make sense.

Well they survived for many years without it. I recall someone on here saying that Sky had bigger plans for it, making it more targeted towards women, until they bought Flextech and now had Living so didn't need to do that anymore. The launch of Sky Atlantic also saw the move away from Sky 1, 2 and 3 as the main channels towards Sky 1, Atlantic and Living.
Riaz posted:
Apologies for the sudden change of topic, but we are talking about the best and worst channels, Arise News (Judging by what I have read about them) is the worst TV channel in the UK. Poor quality programming, Poor Playout Output, not to mention a poor industrial record (as in late paychecks) are just some of the problems with the network. It used to be on Freeview, but it closed down in September 2015 on the Freeview platform and it's on & off on Sky.

Is worst defined as worst on screen or worst behind the scenes?

Arise News is an appallingly badly managed company but the TV channel has support from plenty of African viewers.

Both. Even though the channel has had support from a viewers, that doesn't save them from putting their foot in the **** (metaphorically speaking). Have you heard of the saying: "Nothing Kills a Bad Product Quicker than Good Advertising". That's what the quote means.

Basically, what I'm trying to say is that a group of viewers watching a trashy channel (Arise News is the prime example here) won't save it from being hated or going to administration.
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