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James Martin
Which ITV1 region in your opinion is doing their job the best? As only 10 options can be done on this forum, the channels have been grouped together by ownership.

'Carlton' means Central, London and Westcountry.
I Hate HTV West
Absolutely not HTV West - they suck
James Martin
Woops! Duplicated the thread! Please continuehere.
I love Anglia especially 'Anglia News - Closer to home' the simple CSO set and music is cult viewing. One thing that makes me laugh is the opening it used to be;

'Anglia News at six with Caroline Aldrey and Tim Curtis'

Now it has the over the top, too much information pointless opener;

'Anglia Television's main evening news programme with Caroline Aldrey and Tim Curtis'...

And don't forget the fact that the presenters ALWAYS look at the wrong cameras!

Thank the good lord for letting me see this on Sky!
Jason0 post since 13 Dec 2011
Isn't it a wee bit unfair to lump LWT, Anglia and Meridian in with YTV, Granada, TTTV and Border?

Anyway, it' slightly unfair as of course the Scottish, Welsh and NI stations will have more/better regionality as they're the nations, and hence considered more important (I take issue with this, but them's the facts...)