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nodnirG kraM2,266 posts since 26 Mar 2001
I don't think I've ever seen any weather presenter on the BBC who is anything but caucasian, but Sunday night and this evening I noticed this gentleman presenting the weather on News 24.

Is he new? He's absolutely brilliant! I want to see more of him (not in the dodgy way Wink ) !!
Does anyone know his name?

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Blake Connolly1,557 posts since 21 Apr 2001
Jay and Everton have both been on BBC WORLD for, ooh, around a year now I think. Weird thing is, it seemed like they both appeared at around the same time. Was wondering at the time if they were used domestically, when I got back here I was mildly surprised they weren't because they're both good forcasters.

Do all BBC forcasters get thier 'training' on WORLD now? I suppose in thier first few months they did seem a bit amaturish but improved soon enough.

A few years ago the BBC would have generated a bit of PR about this, 'the BBC's first black weather forcasters' and stuff, but these days I think if they did people would be asking 'why haven't they employed any before now?' so they seem to be sneaking them in quietly.
NickyS1,569 posts since 1 Apr 2001
Jay and Everton have been on World for ages now. Not sure if it still applies but it always used to be than trained metreologists did World while Met trained presenters mainly did News 24. Hence Jay and Everton appeared most of the time on World ... but I think everybody does all the channels now so that's why they've started appearing on News 24.
Both presenters usually do BBC World Weather as well as weather for the British Forces overseas.
andyrew147 posts since 29 Apr 2001
I've not kept upto date on this, but there was a plan for all weathers to be recorded in the weather centre for N24 (like what happens for World). Although Everton & Jay (and others) are properly trained forecasters, they have not got live TV experience yet and therefore why they have not been seen before on N24 or PSTV.