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What is the likelihood of no BBC2 idents this Christmas that hasn't been used in previous Christmases, I wonder?
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There is a fair chance that we'll get the same four Christmas idents (2000/2001/2002/2011), with the music slaughtered to extremities.

But seeing that BBC Two's presentation has been bolstered with the retro 90s idents being utilised more for special seasons (Gay Brittania and Saturday Mash-Up), and the addition of Optics & Garden, here's hoping!
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The Artsnight style idents with Christmassy "2" based scenes (literal, homely and abstract all interspersed) + an ambient soundtrack would work wonderfully well.

Advent calendar 2, 2 inside a holly wreath, exploding out of a cracker, centrepiece on the table, inside the pudding, lights on the tree, snowglobe, being shaken as a present, projected onto the house, etc, etc.

What a great and endlessly adaptable identity template they are failing to utilise.
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