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UTV Newsline
Not sure if someone has posted this but apparently the TV Room has called these idents as "Feel Good Pleasurable", "Offbeat Non-Conformist" etc. because someone keeps trying to edit these names on the Wikipedia page and he typed in of his recent edits "New Ident names have been revealed by The TV Room". Not sure if these are the official names or not.

Wikipedia article: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/BBC_Two_%27Curve%27_idents
TV Room page: https://thetvroom.com/8598/network-control/overview-bbc-two-27th-september-2018-present/

I believe the TV Room page is quite clear about the ident titles: "The titles listed here are those used by the BBC, unless otherwise indicated."

As I understand it, the internal titles of the idents have changed at least once.