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I’m not actually sure what it is supposed to represent myself or what its connection with either the Irish language or the BBC is meant to be.
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According to the brand guidelines:

The logo design is based upon the brand proposition and values. The new look logo will sit well with the current brand family as the colours are firmly rooted in the BBC Northern Ireland colour palette. We believe these colours capture the distinctiveness of the brand, reflecting the vibrancy and diversity of the content.

So, nothing basically.
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Not sure if someone has posted this but apparently the TV Room has called these idents as "Feel Good Pleasurable", "Offbeat Non-Conformist" etc. because someone keeps trying to edit these names on the Wikipedia page and he typed in of his recent edits "New Ident names have been revealed by The TV Room". Not sure if these are the official names or not.

Wikipedia article: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/BBC_Two_%27Curve%27_idents
TV Room page: https://thetvroom.com/8598/network-control/overview-bbc-two-27th-september-2018-present/
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I always assumed the names on TV Home were correct as they were. (for the ones where names were revealed)
My tweet was read out on BBC Four's Eurovision coverage and Rylan Clark-Neal replied to it. That's all.
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And some of the names are used multiple times across different idents - Lively, Challenging, Non-Conformist - it's almost like they represent categories of idents rather than their names. The new names just look like...a line of adjectives.

I'm gonna stick with the original names for now.
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