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I'm actually quite surprised to see them launch a new regular one when we're this close to where we're all expecting the Christmas pres to start - I'd have thought they'd have just kept anything else new until the new year now. Always welcome though, and very nice to have a surprise pop up in broadcast first, rather than just on the social media feed of designer x.

The 8pm junctions in Wales and Scotland both premiered the new ident at the same time as network, and between the two of them gave us some extra playout of both the start and end of the ident music. Northern Ireland, those cheeky little pres scamps we all love... just went with the usual squeaky balloons instead.

BBC Two Wales HD

BBC Two Scotland

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Yes, I like this one too. How many is that now, 18?

The only curious thing is the fact it has debuted right before they launch the Christmas idents and why they didn't choose to keep it back until January 1st. I'm not complainng, though.
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It's 20 now? Confused

It's not unusual to not see the Christmas pres until the day it launches. Based on recent years, if it's not this weekend, it's definitely next weekend. Saturday 1 December before Strictly on BBC One and the nearest junction just before or after that on BBC Two would be my guess - and due to BBC Two's rebrand, both channels will have new pres.