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BBC Two 2018 Revamp

New ident ‘Discovery’ - p89 (September 2018)

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Does that also mean we will get new xmas pres?

A snow drift in that curved shape?

Wow, the idents write themselves!

I'd like that for a Christmas ident. Maybe they could add some others to the mix for Xmas.
Like a curve-shaped Christmas tree or a curve-shaped Christmas pudding with the flames surrounding it.
Endless possibilities Wink
Music will be key.
These look very promising and long overdue - the 2 is a classic but rerunning the idents ruined their legacy and to move presentation on they had to move away from that 2, and although more abstract the curve of a 2 is clearly the hook of the new idents and it's just another "2" to add to the long history of interpretations of the number by BBC2.

At first sight they look far far far better than what's on BBC1.
rob Founding member
Sooo.... going off some of the recent launches for new Oneness idents, anyone want to guess at what obscure junction it could be launching in? 6am, 0.40am, 5.15pm? BET NOW!

It'll be 6am. I've had that confirmed.
A former member
I wonder what variety there will be — a handful like Oneness at the start, or a broad range like ITV?
Speaking of rebrands, do you think CBeebies and BBC Four will rebranded in the future? Since BBC One, BBC Two and CBBC have all been rebranded as of Thursday, it's time for those two to be rebranded.
Moz posted:
Music will be key.

Think "sound design" rather than music. Very nice sound design at that.
AxG posted:
Looking forward to this, liking the images so far, but Avenir staying? Not even a change to Reith? I wonder if Reith will be used for the promotions, ECPs etc.

Reith will appear on promotions / trails. Credit Squeezes will be Gill as now.

Surprised it's taken them so long to change the Network ECPs to Reith, I'm guessing it's a London decision they just haven't acted on yet?
I don't want curves! I want my '2'!

"Money for Nothing" is playing in my head for some reason... Wink

Would I be right in thinking that we're at the stage now where the 1997 '2's (Paint Pot, Duck, Zapper etc) have joined the 2000 '2's in having a second run longer than the first?
Wow. At long last we're finaly here then!.

I'm sure the 2 will make a comeback in the future but I think they're doing the right thing resting it for a while.
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From A516 Digital

Moz posted:
Music will be key.

Think "sound design" rather than music. Very nice sound design at that.

Oh dear, that worried me at first because I wasn't sure of what you meant.

I agree with Moz, music is going to be key. What's so wrong with a nice suite of music to go with the new idents?

However, I've looked at some examples of 'sound design', and actually this could be quite nice if done correctly . . .

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