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New ident ‘Discovery’ - p89

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JAS84 posted:
Maybe BBC One will do something similar to their current idents - people doing Christmas stuff on their own? It'll need to either be home filmed like the lockdown Oneness idents, or animated. Reusing any from the last few years is a no-go.

Honestly, I expect channels to go all out this year. I think it’ll be earlier than ever. Similarly we’ll see people decorating earlier than ever. It’s been a miserable year and people want escapism.

Christmas idents in November...

Matthew Harris, AKA Applemask, hasn't been impressed by BBC1 and 2 launching their Christmas looks in the first few days of December in recent years (when Sprout Boy and "Two two two, two two two, two two two two two..." launched bang on the 1st in 2015, he said that it "effectively detonated the entire concept of anticipation"). Truth be told, I don't expect him to be any more impressed if any channel launches their look *before* the 1st, no mattter what the situation is then...
"What is two plus two?" "Rather more than three." "Yes, but can you be more specific?" "The Belgians."
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Ah, it was 2015. I was looking for those for my Christmas post but couldn't find them so had to go with Oneness instead.
Turns out nobody had 2020 vision.

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