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Similar to how the 90's 2s were added to and developed over time, this set is evolving with ever more detailed and visually arresting additions, proving the strength and versatility of the initial concept. Terrific stuff.

BBC Two at it again, still failing to disappoint.

That's very true Natwel.

Even if you think some are more exciting than others, all of the curve idents look good and have a variety of styles. I also agree with Jonny in that if they add maybe 3 or 4 each year they can keep them fresh, but in truth there are so many that it CAN stay fresh. What will make them stale is using the same handful in rotation.

I also like how they are getting more detailed and adventurous with the new additions.
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cylon63,722 posts since 6 Mar 2005
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Possibly my new fave.

My favourite keeps changing. Even my top 3 keeps changing, so I made a top 5....and even that changes each week! Very Happy

For this week I go with:-

1. Discovery
2. Thought Provoking
3. Gritty
4. Intense
5. Thought Provoking 2
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I hate to say it, yet again, but every new BBC TWO ident looks superb and really makes you think about what an absolute disgrace BBC ONE looks in comparison. I really hope a new look is ready to go in the new year and is sprung on us by surprise just like this BBC TWO look was. I don't think I can take another year of blandness.
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Are there two versions then or is it just two cuts of the same ident?

No, I think what's meant by that is when the ident loops back round to its starting formation at 13 seconds, it's using slightly different textures/colours (darker brown at the start). Compare 0:00 with 0:13.

If this is called 'Thought-Provoking 2', does that mean that the original 'Thought-Provoking' - or, at least, the edited version - has been officially retired?