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cylon63,720 posts since 6 Mar 2005
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Wonder what programme it could air before?

Good question. Punchy suggests it's serious but it looks like it could be like Neon party lights. I think BBC2 needs another ident for serious programming that is neutral like Authorative and Reflective. Means things like Charged into a documentary on Lord Mountbatten, who was killed by the IRA with a bomb on his boat, won't happen.
Brekkie32,554 posts since 4 Jan 2003
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Not the biggest fan of this one but do like the retro throwback. And of course even the worst curve is far superior to any Oneness ident. I was going to say the greatest Oneness ident, but it's a set where it is impossible to bestow greatness upon any if them.
I preferred the internet when it had a sense of humour.
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