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Neil Jones6,209 posts since 23 Dec 2001
Central (West) Midlands Today
Virgin Media Tivo have a very strange EPG listing for next Saturday, with regional news airing from 5.50pm - 6.30pm, I have just checked.

At a guess, it doesn't know what to do with a hole in the schedule so is just extending the previous item to fill it.

If that happens on Sky, the EPG normally states: This is "Channel name", so in this case would say: This is BBC One "region name"

Or that other well known Sky programme... "no listings available".
Steve Williams3,030 posts since 1 Aug 2008
Is it possible that another programme was planned to be shown but was dropped (perhaps because it featured someone such as the late Caroline Flack?)

No, that particular episode of Celebrity Mastermind was in the schedules all along.

There's absolutely nothing unusual about this programme at all, there are gaps in the schedule every week before they get filled eventually. There was one last week, there were a couple of others this week (including, as mentioned, another the same night). Usually nobody notices because they aren't in such a prime slot and Eurovision fans and Whovians aren't combing the schedules for clues.