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Happy memories of watching the National Lottery Live show with Bob Monkhouse and wondering when, if ever, they'd actually get to the live draw! Proper event television back in the day, with the camera sweep, Bob walking off the logo, pyros going off to the sound of Alan Dedicoat. Us at home all gripping onto our little pink tickets for dear life, Dad losing his down the back of the sofa and trying to find it in time! Laughing

How time's change.

what abut this infamous moment complete with I know i'm a sinner but make me a winner intro

I haven't seen that for years!
I was working in the Radio control room on that evening, and had put the lines from TVC through to Egton 1 the studio where Danny Rampling's show was coming from. Radio One took clean audio without any of the music effects, and they added their own bed, which was more in keeping with the programme style.
The problem with the machine not starting caused some confusion as what to do.
Radio One ended up with just the music bed playing for far too long before they eventually went back to the Lovegroove Dance Party.
They didn't return for the later draw if I remember correctly, the numbers were just read out during a news bulletin.
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My favourite thing about the 2000 Today clip (mine, incidentally, glad it's popular!) is the sheer contrast between the specially extended fanfare with bells, pyrotechnic fire, video wall opens....and then nothing! Incidentally that original theme tune can't have been heard much longer than that.

Re: Radio 1 - wouldn't they have (just) moved to Yalding House by that point?

I may have missed it but anyone know when the last televised draw is - I see there's one on BBC2 on Christmas Eve...
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Re: Radio 1 - wouldn't they have (just) moved to Yalding House by that point?

If my memory is correct, and we are talking almost 20 years ago, it would have been around the same time as the move from Egton to Yalding.
I recall it being the various daytime shows moved first to iron out any problems while there was a higher level of engineering support around. We would swap the R1 distribution between the Yalding network switcher output or hand it back to the other Egton studios. By that time I think it was almost always Egton 1 as that was self op where as Egton 4 or 5 had to have a tech op to look after levels etc. Obviously there was money to be saved.
I accept my memory could be wrong, but I am fairly sure on this evening it was Egton in use.
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More on the handover between Egton and Yalding here. According to that Radio 1 last came from Egton in October 1996:

That R1 operational bible said that every day for a while.
It was purely the procedure that should be followed, and was done routinely. There is no suggestion that the final time it was done was the switch between Jo Whiley and Nicky Campbell on the 9th October 1996.
Indeed, if it was, I think that the Operational Bible would have made a note that it was the last show from Egton.
We are a sentimental bunch after all!
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Indeed, it's a circular reference.
I think someone from the Radio Rewind website was sent a copy of that day's Ops Bible, and have made the assumption that it was the only time the switch was done.
It wasn't. I can't imagine that there are any copies of the 1996 paperwork left now to prove otherwise.
Sorry to have slightly gone off the point of the thread here.....
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Just had a big long announcement on BBC1 with the usual Lottery update, explaining the extra Christmas prizes and how the Lottery draws will be moving to the iPlayer however the updates will still be continuing on BBC1.
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