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The BBC is to drop the Saturday night lottery draws from BBC1 as part of a new 3 year deal with Camelot which will see them be available on the iPlayer only.

This is the info broadcast supplies if you don't pay £22 a month:
BBC1 is to drop the National Lottery draw from its Saturday night schedule and will air it on iPlayer after the corporation extended its contract with Camelot for a further three years.

I think that sums it up really.


I guess though the lottery quizzes will presumably continue (I'm sure a recommission of one of the Nick Knowles vehicles was recently announced), so there aren't really going to be noticeable changes to the schedule, although if the finances were better it would be great to take them out and freshen up the schedules.
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Wow. I'm quite taken aback by that announcement. Lottery shows in many countries are far less than the BBC have always done (though the current draws are very much slimmed down from the original National Lottery Live, which was an hour long I think and was more or less a light entertainment show, with music, good causes features and items like Mystic Meg). I've always felt that embedding the live draws into prerecorded gameshows is t a bad way to spin it out, but clearly they no longer fit in to what the BBC wants for Saturday nights.
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Im surprised ITV hasn't NIP in and said look were show them live, etc. I hope and pray that awful awful Glasgow made Gameshows are all axed once and for all.
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Im surprised ITV hasn't NIP in and said look were show them live, etc. I hope and pray that awful awful Glasgow made Gameshows are all axed once and for all.

Presumably these days ITV would only take it as a paid for commercial presentation. If it was a particular ratings draw I'd assume the BBC wouldn't be axing it in the first place.

I'd be curious to know who watches Lottery draws on iPlayer rather than just checking the numbers online. I guess putting the draws on the internet is more justified as a way of showing the process is transparent.
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Happy memories of watching the National Lottery Live show with Bob Monkhouse and wondering when, if ever, they'd actually get to the live draw! Proper event television back in the day, with the camera sweep, Bob walking off the logo, pyros going off to the sound of Alan Dedicoat. Us at home all gripping onto our little pink tickets for dear life, Dad losing his down the back of the sofa and trying to find it in time! Laughing

How time's change.
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I don't understand the iPlayer deal really, the National Lottery have their own YouTube channel and judging by some of the draw videos on there they generally receive <10,000 viewers, the majority of people just want to know the numbers and know by now it is a fair draw anyway


Wow - the draws are quite over the top. I don't think any local draws or national ones are quite like that here in the US. But then again the draws are under a minute and a half long.
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