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Death in Paradise Series 7 Sting:


Martin Parr after a couple of TV Forumers found him filming a sequel to sea swimmers?

I get you, but the way I see it, blaming Parr is like blaming Helen Williets for atrocious weather. The BBC commissioned the 'work' and evidently deemed it acceptable to the brief. He's laughing all the way to the bank for not needing to be unduly challenged with any photographic techniques or principles and getting a wadge of dosh for his trouble. I'd do the same in his position.
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It’s shame we going back to that rubbish press next week on bbc 1 is sad to think a main channel like bbc 1 comes up with that oneness junk bbc 2 idents are much better

It is what it is. On the scale of importance, it doesn't overly matter. We have had them for a year and that year went pretty fast. We will likely have them for another couple of years. Perhaps it's time to vent your frustration and anger on things that will really impact your life - like politics. What can we do about Oneness? Nowt! Why? Because 90% of TV viewers couldn't care less!
If we only get one life, why does it take several attempts to get it right?
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Can you really say ‘get something better to worry about than TV pres’ on a TV pres forum though? Bit of a contradiction in terms...
You’re allowed to be frustrated with oneness and TV pres and say your opinions on it, but don’t be saying just ‘oh I don’t like oneness Sad‘ all the time because that adds nothing to the conversation and you end up repeating yourself.