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What will happen on Friday morning at 0100 hours when News 24 crosses over to World output aswell, as BBC News 24 will be focusing of the General Election?

I guess BBC World will run their normal service of 'world news' rather than 'BBC News', and style of presentation aswell.

But who will be presenting?
I'm recording BBC World's coverage from the time it is similcast here on BBC America (6.00 pm - 4.00 am?)

This is off of World's website:

The UK electorate goes to the polls in Thursday 7 June in a general election, and BBC World will show live coverage of the election results.

From 2055 GMT on Thursday 7 to 0800 GMT on Friday 8 June, Vote 2001 presented by Nik Gowing and Brian Hanrahan will go live to counts in constituencies across the country and will carry interviews with the UK's leading politicians. The infamous 'swingometer' will also feature in the analysis that people around the world tune to the BBC to see. The team is also interested in hearing from viewers see below. The programme will still include regular summaries of World News.

A BBC News Special on Friday 8 June at 1800 GMT with Lindsey Brancher will bring together the key news, international reaction and analysis.

If you want detailed information on any constituency, candidate or results, please click here for the BBC's Vote 2001 Website, which will feature a comprehensive results service and in-depth analysis.

BBC World's Vote 2001 team is interested in receiving comments, questions and feedback from viewers. We hope to feature some of these emails during the programme, however, we regret that it isn't possible to respond individually to emails. Please use the form below to get in touch, or email directly to: vote2001.bbcworld@bbc.co.uk

here's the url: http://bbcworld.com/content/highlights/election2001.asp