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Just a quick mention for anyone who can get BBC World can capture that they will be having some news specials, so if anyone wants to capture them... please.

BBC World News Specials

In addition to regularly scheduled news bulletins, BBC World News Specials are
planned at these times on Tuesday 4th June as part of the channel's news coverage of the Golden Jubilee celebrations of HM The Queen:-

0930-1130 GMT (replacing Earth Report, Asia Today, and World Business Report)

1530-1600 GMT (replacing HARDtalk)

1630-1700 GMT (replacing Future Imperfect)

Please note that the 1630 GMT edition of Wheels which goes out across South Asia and the Middle East only will go ahead as scheduled.

Taken form the BBC World site.

Is it captures you want? If so, I'll try my best and get you some.