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harshy6,514 posts since 24 Mar 2001
Well I just saw a breaking news story, and the BREAKING NEWS aston came up, the purple bit of the caption is there, however the yellow bit turned to totally red and the gils sant font was in arial.

Within the red bit the text at the top was being typed out.

It's hard to explain, but watch out.

BTW, if it's not already being mentioned, BBC News 24's new business programme 'Business Today' starts next monday at 8.30!
We have installed a new box in both BBC World and News24 which creates all our 'Live / Breaking News' dingos. In the process of installing this new box, it was decided to re-design a few elements and add the facility to zip the story title on screen.

The zipping text is there to grab your attention

Most people know what DOG stands for, but who knows what DINGO stands for?!

BTW, the difference between a DOG and a DINGO (in TV terms anyway!!) is that a DOG is monochrome, and a DINGO is colour
D - Digital
I - Interactive
N -
G - Graphical
O - Object

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You mean the 'BBC News24' at the top of the screen? They've always been called DOGs (Digitally Originated Graphic)

Their orgininal use was way back in history to enable an inset to be keyed over a presenters shoulder.
David, you're almost there! Smile