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BBC WORLD Breakdown Music

(August 2001)

Blake Connolly Founding member London London
People might think they have the complete collection of Generic BBC News music, but don't be so sure.. Smile

A couple of times this week it seems they didn't manage to fire up the break fillers or something, and so what happened was, after a few seconds of a black screen, the static coming up caption appeared. This is something presumably they have always standing by incase something goes wrong and has been seen plenty of times in the past. However, while it used to be accompanied by the usual break filler music or just silence, this time there was different music which I haven't heard anywhere else.

It is very quiet, and has low 'boop' sounds (rather than 'beep'!) and soft strings underneath. There's no drums or anything else. You can tell it's on a short loop because the strings keep fading out and then back up again, while the 'boop' sound keeps going. I guess it's pretty similar to the Breakfast theme, but not quite.

So, I suppose the question is, does anyone have it?
itsrobert Founding member Granada North West Today
No, but it sounds, from how you describe it, like the sombre theme for BBC World.
Blake Connolly Founding member London London
It's not the sombre theme, it's even slower! And it's quite a short loop, maybe 15 or 20 seconds repeating over and over again, although you don't really notice the join.
andyrew Founding member
I've just timed it - 30 second loops.

Someones put it onto minidisk in the TX suite I guess - the breakdown music normally is just breakfiller music. The music you describe is from a moving menu background.

I'll have to give it a play at the weekend (if the breakfiller breaks of course!).

Keep watching folks!!!

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