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BBC Vote 2001

(June 2001)

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NickyS Founding member
I'm sure you will already have noticed but the promos running on News 24 for the 'big night' have the purple Vote 2001 logo rather than the orange/red one that have been being used.
I was expecting them to do this.
The Vote 2000 logo, the Vote 1999 logos were not corporate, I am not surprised the Vote 2001 logo isn't either!
Mr Voiceover
Ugghhh - I hate purple.

The new purple graphics of Vote 2001, remind me of Cadburys Milk Tray Smile

And what is it about that political blokes new specs. They look very futuristic, but they shrink his eyes, and he looks like a goldfish!!!

Can anyone tell me his name?
harshy Founding member
I think his name is Nick Robinson, am I right guys?
Yes Nick Robinson, and he is far better than Andrew Marr, and he actually has a sense of humour.

Will the BBC have the same amusing graphics as they had last time.. I wonder.
I.e. Tory marginals being destroyed by lasers etc.
And John Major being buried outside the House of Commons.
That was very very funny and I hope they do it again.
And also politicians hitting each other over the head with hammers.
Oh and Kenneth Clarke being thrown in the Thames.
BBC2 has not done anything this time.
The Election Night Armistice was funny last time, although you found out nothing about the election.
Hosted by Nicky Campbell, who is on the BBC Radio coverage.
BBC Radio 4 and FiveLive are linking up for the evening.
Bail Moderator
Purple....hummmm...i like it I supose...

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