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Maybe they're teasing with a preview of a potentially new ident set. Some of those seem to look like too much effort has gone into them to just be for that one ident.

Maybe, but why are they teasing? I don't believe the BBC has ever teased a branding before, it's got to be a game changing branding for it to be teased like this, and it doesn't look it.
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Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
I actually rather like that - it seems like a pacy, modern, energetic and fresh take on the 2 concept. If that's the basis for a new look BBC Two, I'd be quite happy.

I'd rather they used the original shaped 2 and the BBC logo somewhere in it, but when idents with no logos are the thing of the moment, I can't complain.

The pessimist in me though thinks this will probably be used alongside the existing retro and specially themed idents as part of the current unfocused mish-mash, rather than being part of a new look.
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Some of the '2's in the ident are from the poetry night idents in October.

It seems a bit upbeat for the announcement we heard in the clip. And not much of a soundtrack.

I'm going to miss Silk.

When BBC Two does get a new look, the 90s idents are going to be sorely missed. Personally Dog, Car, Woodpecker, Swan and Silk are my favourites of the current set.
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I'm sure that's been used in recent weeks, not neccessarily that ident but they've definatley used similar idents for their Saturday theme nights. I do think they work really well and are much better than just using the old idents all the time - even recutting the classics and doing an ITV2 job on them in a similar style to this would freshen things up.
Shouldn't that have been posted in the "John Logie Baird has Invented Television" thread?
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Luke Carpenter posted:
A collection of BBC2 Arts cuts that will be used on Saturday nights on BBC2 - Designed and created by Luke Carpenter.
The people and the animals are keyed stock, the rest of the footage is shot and created with software by Luke Carpenter.
Spencer For Hire5,725 posts since 13 Jan 2003
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They could clearly get about 20 new idents out of those by using them individually, all in the classic format but actually being new. However I really do like the fast cut versions, but no reason the two couldn't be used together - indeed they'd contrast quite nicely.

I think it's the fast cutting that makes it different to all that's gone before and makes it a refreshing change. Consistency is what BBC Two desperately needs right now rather than a mixture of different styles of presentation which we've had for far too long.
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