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BBC Two lose the tennis

French Open 1/4 final (June 2004)

dvboy Central (West) Midlands Today
They're putting up a BBC Sport branded Temporary Fault caption every no and again. The first time I spotted it Eurosport were on an ad break but it's come up again briefly as I write this.

They're obviously not commentating in France!
James Vertigan Founding member London London
As the technical problems are/were happening on both BBC and Eurosport, I believe this is a fault of the host broadcaster, the rather imaginitively named "France Television".... Obviously having some technical problems with their satellite feeds to world TV companies... of course the BBC have their standby caption to hand - whereas Eurosport obviously don't have one! Thank goodness we still had the commentary!

The problems are obviously due to the bad weather they have been having in France, (the match was scheduled for about 13:25 and didn't start till about 18:00!) - Probably some damp circuits or of course just a bit of atmospheric satellite interference. So it's not just Britain that gets crap weather! But at least we'd probably have a better satellite link!

I think as it's in France it's more a case of frogs in the works, rather than gremlins!
They cancelled TOTP 2 !

B******s !
Henman won, by the way.
deejay Oxford
The BBC Sport Temporary Fault graphics are generated by Sport themselves, rather than Presentation. Most Sport output goes through Studio 5 at TV Centre, so they tend to fill when things go wrong during a sport OB. It's only when BBC ONE or TWO is taking a sport Ob direct (like Snooker or Darts for example) that any breakdown would be covered by Pres.
Brekkie Wales Wales Today
Here we go again then! Aaaaarrrgggghhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
James Vertigan Founding member London London
Well, Tim rules the schedules again today, this time as he's got so far he's on BBC1 from 14:35 so Diagnosis Murder has been dropped today and depending on how long Tim takes, they may have to shorten CBBC (scheduled for 15:20)... And over on BBC2 - more sport with Racing from Epsom!

Good excuse for the BBC to start their own sports channel, methinks!
DJGM Granada North West Today
CBBC is being shunted to BBC TWO, starting at 16:30, while BBC ONE stays with Henman until 18:00 . . .
Great to see BBCi being used for the tennis 'on the whim' as such but whats the point when BBC 1 have it?
Steve in Pudsey Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
What's the benefit of staffing TC5 for this?
James Vertigan Founding member London London
Don't know... but Sue Barker and the team were actually in Paris yesterday instead of TVC as they were last time... unfortunately they weren't in a studio in Paris though and had to settle for a balcony instead!

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