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I thought this would be of interest to TV Forumers - a follow up to the well received Twenty Twelve that first aired on BBC Four in 2011 before moving to BBC Two for a second series just before the Games last year. The new series will be set in the BBC with Ian Fletcher becoming the BBC 'Head of Values':

Filming starts next month on W1A, which will see Ian Fletcher (Hugh Bonneville), ex Head of the Olympic Deliverance Commission, taking up his next big job – the (fictional) Head of Values at the BBC. His task is to clarify, define, or re-define the core purpose of the BBC across all its functions and to position it confidently for the future, in particular for Licence Fee Renegotiation and Charter Renewal in 2016 and 2017 respectively. Reith was then; this is now. The post is sold to Ian as a chance to influence and shape one of the great British institutions. His job is to think Big Thoughts, but it doesn’t him take long to realise that not only does he not have time to think Big Thoughts, he never has time to think any thoughts at all.

Although not a sequel to Twenty Twelve – W1A features new situations and new characters - it does share some of its DNA with Twenty Twelve and even follows the progress of Siobhan Sharpe (Jessica Hynes), PR guru behind the Twenty Twelve Olympics.

Why wasn't Twenty Twelve recommissioned? It doesn't even seem to be repeated.
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Why wasn't Twenty Twelve recommissioned? It doesn't even seem to be repeated.

It was recommissioned, the second series aired in 2012. That's what I said in the first sentence of my post.

I'm sure it will end up on [UK[TV]] G{o|O.}{l|L.}{d|D} at some point.

Or London Live, who have acquired the rights to air Twenty Twelve.