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This is the first time really since the yellow era where the BBC2 Christmas idents have been in the same style as the regular idents and they are all the stronger for it, just as BBC2 is all the stronger for it's recent rebrand. If there are only two I don't think it matters hugely - even with around 20 idents now they tend to only use around half a dozen on any given day and just due to the size of the audience having two idents in rotation on BBC2 is far less of an issue than having two in rotation on BBC1 where you're more likely to catch mulitiple junctions back to back.
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Slightly off topic, but who on Earth was that announcer on BBC Two.

They’re letting literally anyone in to be an announcer at the BBC these days. I cannot understand why some use the wrong tone when talking about a programme. She was upbeat when talking about Gun no 6! I can’t even! Confused
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It'll be a little sad that after such a plethora of new idents if playout is restricted to just two for December. I wonder if there will be any more in the mix?

Having two is fine. The channel survived nearly 40 years with having just the one Christmas ident each year, so we’re really spoilt for choice now.
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Virgin Media have added BBC TWO NI HD and moved it to 102 to replace SD and I've just seen the junctions and both Christmas idents. So beautiful and they are actually of the same tone as old 90s BBC 2 but with a much more updated feel.

Both of those idents would work outside of the Christmas package too.
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There is a third xmas ident.. With a cats tail.