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MetalGearRex1,536 posts since 11 May 2016
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Will 2018 be the first year in ages that BBC Two will have better Christmas idents than BBC One?

I saw this coming for some time now. Between the new ident package for Two and how they blew the budget for last year’s Christmas idents it’s not hard to see why
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fanoftv7,988 posts since 4 Jan 2003
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I totally agree Phil about the iPlayer sting, can it not appear then animate back to the 'TWO' when the programme information text disappears?

I love both logos with gorgeous soundtracks, the chimes in the Northern lights ident add a little subtle detail.

Going back to the transitions before the trailers they've used a short bumper, but have used a different one to the style of the trailer, I know that it's picky, but with only the two idents it could be easily set to have the same bumper, trailer graphics and ident in the junction.
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