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Cavan663 posts since 21 Oct 2012
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Since this year's Christmas presentation on BBC TWO is guaranteed to generate an interesting discussion, I think it warrants its own thread rather than clogging up the general Christmas thread.

Putting idents aside, the BBC TWO Twitter account gives a few good ideas about the surrounding presentation.

Cavan663 posts since 21 Oct 2012
Meridian (South) Points West
will they, won't they have anything new or are they having a retro look with idents of days gone by?


This is BBC TWO's current iPlayer sting. If they are not reusing any old Christmas idents this year, why on Earth have they bothered going to this effort?
Interesting discussion is an under statement!

I'd better add a few intensifiers next time, eh?
Argybargy170 posts since 7 Nov 2012
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I'm sure some here will be quite pleased to see the old idents but really it's about the least amount of effort put into a Christmas ident set since the sparkles on the ITV celebrity idents.

Agreed Brekkie. The last two Christmas idents from BBC2 (first shown in 2007 and 2011 respectively) were excellent but were each used for FOUR Christmases in a row. Goes to show that they can still do very good festive idents, it's just they tend not to bother making them that often. The yellow 2 snowman sting on the i-player (first shown in 2002) suggests more recycling to be expected this year.