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Well it's not so much a refresh as it's no longer the 50th anniversary year, the idents needed updating with the regular BBC Two logo, that's still the official, regular BBC Two logo. Even though it hasn't been used as it was primarily designed for since 2009.

Unfortunately, no greater applied design thought than that (colour and size, advanced stuff here), however it could always be worse.
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Here's Silk. I haven't got B/W Copper Cutout unfortunately.

It's good. It's far better than in the flippin box. But it doesn't quite work like that. To my eye there's too much information to dissolve on simply like that.

Perhaps an animated form up could add something here.
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nodnirG kraM
STV North BBC Persia
But then I guess I'm used to seeing Network without any additional flags below the logo.
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I do love it when NI go into well b*llcks to that, we'll air the best ones and we'll air them right mode. Well done, again.

Oh and the best part has to be they finally decided to reduce the size of the Subtitles tag on Predator and Swan. Because that looked way too cumbersome. "Now we'll just put this massive block of opaque colour over here. Perfect."

It's because people in Northern Ireland are real pres fans as well as working in it. They just get it. They wouldn't have butchered the BBC 1 circle idents the way network did.
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NI showed Balloon (in widescreen), before Snow Wolf Family and Me.

Beautiful !!!
I think there were around about 36 regular idents between 1991-2001.

...and with the centralised logo, there's no longer any clash between logo and on-screen 2 with the showing of the gorilla idents.
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