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Alright, so I was watching a capture of Optics on Youtube and I noticed in the description, it had been claimed by 'Atmosphere TV' and the track they were claiming was called 'Inhale' from the album 'ATV04B_Radio'.

Curious, I did some further research and the album is a collection of commercial advertising music, some of which included BBC Two's idents. I'm pretty sure the album itself is common knowledge at this point, but I found something interesting within the album. I found the album on some dodgy Chinese website with the full album available for streaming (not sure if this is illegal or no so i'm not linking it) and I found a track which is within the style of the other BBC Two idents at the time, but I've never heard it before in my life.

Here's the audio file from the website, apologies for the bad audio but it's the best the website would offer.

For those who can't listen to it, it's basically some sort of 'remixed' version of Optics.

So, is this a new, unused discovery? Or am I just some mutt who's late to find out?

Here's the link: http://www.songba.org/listen_info.asp?NID=1532
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Very interesting - there are several BBC2 soundtracks there, “Abstraction” appears to be the full soundtrack for the short lived Crystal Ball ident for example, which I don’t think has been heard before.

Edit: apparently this came out in the UK in 2003. It’s been under our noses this whole time: https://www.discogs.com/Various-TV-Radio/release/6372902
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Half of all the bbc 2 ident music are on that muisc library. Plus its night time i think.
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Wait, you guys seriously didn't know the album existed? It regularly appears on copyright-claimed BBC Two ident captures, I would've thought someone might've found it. The album does have quite a few other full-length ident soundtracks on there too, for ones such as Optics and Paint.

I believe its more like 50/50 half the people know and believe the other 50% did know, but in fact the other 50% never know of this gem...
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Has to be the messy logo..
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