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Whose decision was it to choose which ident to play out back then? Did the announcers not like it perhaps?

Bound to be its relative lack of activity, with only the clouds through the gaps in the portal to show that it isn't a static shot.
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It could have been better if the cut out shape moved as well, perhaps showing something in the background in one way and a different way when it revolved back on itself. Might have livened it up a bit as it's a bit boring an ident.
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I've not come across this sussuration of birds sting before, but I'm sure others will be able to tell me otherwise.

IIRC, it was used to promote Autumnwatch in 2015.

It just makes no sense they create these for promos but just raid the recycle bin for the idents.
Shouldn't that have been posted in the "John Logie Baird has Invented Television" thread?
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I remember seeing Paper Cut-Out quite a bit early on, certainly at the time it didn't particularly strike me as being any rarer than any of the others, however I've no idea when they stopped using it! It's one thing to work out when an ident was introduced, but sometimes trying to determine when one was withdrawn, when done so quietly, can be next to impossible. Of all the 'regular' 2 idents, only Crystal Ball passed me by completely, while there was one BBC One balloon ident I only ever saw just the once.

The exact introduction date of the 1979 =2= symbol also seems to have been shrouded in mystery, but I note somebody has recently updated Wikipedia claiming it was on 16th April, without a source. However on YouTube there is part of a Top Gear episode which can be dated to 8th May, which is still introduced with the earlier horizontal striped 2, so that date can't be right.