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The original centralised '97 logo worked so much better. It wasn't too distracting, and its centralised location was more pleasing to the eye, IMO. It also appears slightly odd to me that the subtitles flag is not aligned with the box logo. At least the 50 year logo we had last year was less distracting, further into the corner and reasonably aligned with the subtitles flag.
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Honestly I prefer the 50 years box then this, it feels weird for it to get out of its box after so long. Are the idents back full time now?
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New Zealand isn't that far away!
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Silk on NI, again with their centralised logo. Looks pretty good to me. It's such a shame Network and Wales didn't choose to follow suit in this respect - any chance of a swift reconsideration, Network and Wales? Very Happy
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All these different logos over the old set of idents over the past year or so — 50 years, afternoon classics, now the teal box and Northern Ireland's centred logo. Talk about inconsistent branding.

Scrap them soon and let's have a complete refresh of the channel.
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I do love it when NI go into well b*llcks to that, we'll air the best ones and we'll air them right mode. Well done, again.

Oh and the best part has to be they finally decided to reduce the size of the Subtitles tag on Predator and Swan. Because that looked way too cumbersome. "Now we'll just put this massive block of opaque colour over here. Perfect."